Fairfield Safe Meters

Electric and Gas Opt – Outs: Ask For What You Want!

This applies for all residential and commercial properties as well as those using renewable energy sources (solar and wind).

Jefferson County and all of Iowa: this is the time to really make up your mind about smart and digital meters! Why? Because once you have a smart or digital meter on your house, Alliant says they will never take it off. Period. 

Step 1. Even if you have already called Alliant to opt–out, you may want to call again to be sure that you are listed in your file as wanting an analog meter for both gas and electric service. Alliant’s phone number is 1-800- 255-4268.

Step 2.  Be sure to write down for your records the date and time, along with the name of the representative. Keep all this information handy. You may need it in future. You can record the call as well, but you must tell Alliant you are doing so.

Step 3.  Now there’s only one more step! After you make your call, immediately email Fairfield Safe Meters to tell us that you have called Alliant and opted–out. In the email, include your name and address, along with the date and time of your call. We’re keeping a count. fairfieldsafemeters.complaint@gmail.com

Please pass this information along to others in Jefferson County and throughout Iowa, and encourage your Facebook friends to share this post with their Facebook friends. To contact us, email: fairfieldsafemeters1@gmail.com