Fairfield questions:

How to tell if you have a Neptune E-Coder 900 (RF-emitting) water
meter in your house?

For frequently asked questions about smart meters in general and how you can prevent them from being installed we refer you to the extensive FAQ on Stop Smart Meters.

Fact Sheet: a survey of scientific and medical understanding of the health hazards, and Public Response, associated with proliferation of digital wireless RF radiation in our communities

1. The Neptune Water Meter installed in many homes in Fairfield is a wireless digital device which transmits a 900 Million Herz RF signal which can be read at a distance by a remote receiver. Every 14 seconds, 24 hours per day and night, the voltage of this signal spikes in the range of 3000 to 12000 micro watts per square meter. This high frequency signal penetrates through the walls and solid objects in the home, including the bodies of humans in the home, out into the environment.

2. There is no independent scientific research establishing the safety of this new technology, other than industry promotional material, and interpretive statements of antiquated FCC standards which have been officially deemed totally inadequate by Regulatory Agencies such as the FDA, the EPA and NIOSH (the National Institute of Occupational Safety).

3. More than 6000 peer reviewed submissions have been published, showing potentially harmful effects and negative biological consequences of exposure to RF radiation from wireless digital transmission.

4. The World Health Organization (WHO), based on a growing body of evidence worldwide, in May of 2011, reversed its longstanding position, and declared RF radiation to be a “significant cancer risk”, placed in the same “carcinogen” category as leaded gasoline, DDT, exhaust fumes, chlordane, and chloroform.

5. The International Institute of Building Biology standards for safety of RF levels in sleeping areas are: Safe: <0.1, Slight Concern at <.1 to 10, Strong Concern at <10 to 1000, and Extreme Concern at any level above 1000 microwatts per square meter. Neptune water meters already installed in homes here in Fairfield, have been tested on RF meter reading devices, as showing the pulsed signal bursts, transmitting every 14 seconds, reading as high as 13,000 micro watts per square meter, 13 time the dangerous level rated as extreme concern. Even at a distance of 25 feet, the meters are measuring in the Strong Concern category.

6. The American Academy of Environmental Medicine(AAEM), an international association of scientists and physicians, established since 1965, issued a position statement in January of 2011, opposing installation of smart meters. They formally oppose smart meters as a “source of forced chronic exposure to wireless RF radiation, as a known, preventable environmental hazard, and a risk to public health which should be prevented.” They stated with regard to smart meters that “it is unacceptable from a public health standpoint, to implement this technology” They stated, “a moratorium on smart meter installation is of the highest priority.”

7. 8000 Californians have filed formal health complaints related to their PG & E smart meters, with the California Public Utility Commission (CPUS), in 2010.

8. Responding to the huge public outcry against smart meters, 56 California municipal governments oppose any mandatory wireless smart meter program, and have instituted opt out for the old analog meters, or have issued outright bans on smart meters. 13 of those local governments have passed ordinances which make smart meter installation illegal in their jurisdictions. Similar public opposition has resulted in outright bans, or an opt out alternative, in 9 states, such as Texas, Michigan, Maine, and Vermont. The attorney generals of Illinois and Connecticut have gone on record stating findings of no smart meter based cost benefits whatsoever, for the consumers.

9. One county in California banning all smart meters is Santa Cruz. In January, 2012, The Santa Cruz Public Health Department issued its research findings: “When it comes to nonthermal effects from RF exposure, FCC guidelines are irrelevant, and cannot be used for any claims of smart meter safety…There are no relevant public safety standards for pulsed RF involving chronic exposure of the public…in summary, there is no scientific data to determine if there is any safe RF exposure level regarding its non thermal effects… Two unique features of previous smart meter policy are: 1. Universal exposure because of mandatory installation, ensuring that virtually every household is exposed.  Involuntary exposure exists, whether one has a smart meter or not, due to the already ubiquitous saturation of installation in Cruz County… Governmental agencies responsible for protecting public health must be much more vigilant toward involuntary exposures, because governmental agencies are the only defense against such involuntary exposure.”

10. Fairfield Coalition for Safer Utility Meters (FCFSUM) offers this factual evidence which demonstrates acknowledgement from authoritative resources, national and global regulatory agencies, municipal and state governments, scientists and physicians, and the general public, that there are clearly health risks from RF wireless technology. 

1051 adult residents ofFairfield, approximately 14% of the 7732 adult population of residents, have signed our petition opposing RF wireless meters, and opposing any extraneous fees for opting out from these meters. We believe this demonstrates that the public interest will best be served by hard wired solutions for our water meters. Proven public safety for all citizens must be our top priority.

FCFSUM proposes a collaborative effort, in the spirit of cooperation, to ensure the best interests of public safety for all Fairfield residents. We recognize scientists and electrical engineer experts within our community, who can work in cooperation with the city to arrive at a safer, more intelligent, and cost effective wired solution. In acknowledgement of the well documented risks, we are emphasizing the precautionary standard to protect the well being of citizens, first demanding proof of safety, as opposed to ignoring the proliferating evidence of danger from authoritative sources all around the country and the world. We are willing to in any way possible, to attain that best standard with a wired solution.

*USE OF THIS SITE DEPENDS ON AGREEMENT WITH OUR DISCLAIMER: This website is intended to help advance knowledge and stimulate further research. While all reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure the validity of the information given, no warranty is given towards its accuracy. It is not intended to substitute for medical or legal advice nor as a final statement with regard to possible prevention and avoidance recommendations or potential biological effects. No liability is accepted by the authors for damages arising from its use or misuse and interpretation by others. All references to smart meters refer to wireless devices, which may vary in their emissions.


2 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hi,
    I work near a smart meter in Fairfield and feel I may be experiencing symptoms and wanted info on what is involved to move/remove it.
    Thank you,
    Dave Cohen

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