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Friends in Fairfield: Opting out of Alliant Energy’s Smart Meters: You have to opt out individually.  Go to Phoenix Rising (not Everybody’s) tomorrow, Thursday, Nov. 2nd, bring your Alliant Account # with you. You have to sign a letter to Alliant, pay $4 to send it certified. Time to go: 9-12 am and 6-9 pm. This is very important if you don’t want a smart meter. YOU HAVE TO DO THIS INDIVIDUALLY EVEN IF YOU HAVE SIGNED A PETITION ON LINE. THIS IS WHAT IS NEEDED.

NEWS: Alliant Energy has agreed to have a Town Meeting on Thursday November 16, 2017 to discuss the meters at the Sondheim Center.

The latest blog posts concerning the campaign for safe meters in Fairfield:


PSA: Smart Meter Opt-out Meeting


· Hosted by FEDA
  • Wednesday, November 1 at 7:45 PM9:30 PM CDT
    2 days from now · 57–77°Sunny
    Phoenix Rising hall (3rd & Burlington Ave., Fairfield, Iowa)

Phyllis: I was told by Alliant that opting out is not what it sounds like. You opt-out of the auto-reading, but the meter will still be put in and it will still be working, except if you “opt out” you will pay for a manual reading.



Alliant Energy’s Plans:

– Begin statewide rollout this October to replace all of their residential and commercial meters with “Smart Meters.”


– Alliant provides electricity and gas for Fairfield city residents, MUM          campus and homes including Utopia Park, North Campus Village, others.

– Installation of Smart Meters in Fairfield will take place late Fall 2018.

– All statewide Smart Meters will be RF radiation activated in first half of 2019.

What are “Smart Meters” and why are they Harmful:

– “Smart Meters” are digital electronic utility meters – usually wireless but sometimes power line communication – that emit RF (Radio Frequency) radiation and “dirty electricity.”

– Smart Meters pulse RF radiation thousands, to hundreds of thousands of times per day and night in order to communicate your immediate electrical usage, via cell towers, back to the utility company.

“The (wireless) Smart Meter, (at 3 feet-always on,) thus would produce 50-160 times more cumulative whole body exposure than the cell phone dose (at the ear – or exposed to the whole body.)”

Professor Daniel Hirsch, radiation expert, UCSC

Health Dangers:

– Research shows that the microwave radiofrequency used in Smart Meter pulses disrupts the human nervous system and inflicts DNA damage.

– The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies this radiation as a Class 2B possible cancer causing agent, in the same class as DDT, lead, and chloroform.

Shielding the radiation is Not Practically Possible:

It is very difficult and risky to try to block RF radiation from a smart meter  from entering one’s home. Advertised “Meter Guards” are not effective options.

Invasion of Privacy:

The utility company acquires detailed information about the activities in your home, thru electrical analysis of your home energy usage, and is allowed to sell the data to third parties for marketing to you, and submit to government.

Safety Risks and Increased Costs:

Substantial history of smart meter explosions and subsequent house fires.

– Unexplainable increases in the meter recording of supposed electrical usage, leading to higher utility bills.

Not “green/sustainable” or Vastu:

– Smart Meters do not save power.

  • Smart meters are 24 hour surveillance devices and violate our 4th Amendment right to privacy in our home guaranteed under the United States Constitution. All portions of the political spectrum agree it’s about individual freedom of choice and residents basic property rights.
  • Smart meters are a fire hazard, and such devices have been responsible for thousands of fires, explosions, and other serious safety problems. In Regina Canada, SaskPower was ordered to remove all 105,000 smart meters in the province. Insurance companies do not offer compensation for smart meter damages, due to the unavoidable high risk.
  • Smart meters have caused documented health problems. The bursts of RF radiation emitted by their antennas is considered by the World Health Organization to be a Class 2B carcinogen.
  • Smart meters typically overcharge and inaccurately represent usage, when compared with reliable, accurate analog meters.

  “Smart meters” and the “smart grid” risk national security and reliability of the electricity supply by opening a new portal to hackers and others who wish to disrupt these services. This is a major cyber-security problem created by “smart meters”.

A smart meter is essentially a 24 hour surveillance device. It is capable of monitoring every aspect of your daily life in the privacy of your own home. The intended evolution of smart meter software is the capability to send commands to the customers’ home, to control the settings on every electronic device in your home, such as turning off your air conditioning, or adjusting the settings on everything from water temperature, air temperature, TV settings, etc. They will also have camera access inside your home, available for monitoring by your power company, to use as they see fit.

– “Maharishi Vastu Consultation Services in MERU and in the US strongly urge people to avoid using wireless technologies and to avoid putting themselves into their range as much as is possible. This extends to cell phones, cordless phones, wireless computer communication and certainly wireless utility meters.”     Jonathan Lipman, AIA, director of Fortune-Creating Buildings

Potential Smart Meter “Opt-out” from Alliant:

– Our venerable Mayor, Ed Malloy, has been working with Alliant so that they will create a smart meter “opt-out” policy for individual Fairfield homeowners.

– We are appreciative of Alliant and grateful to Mayor Malloy. We ask our community members to kindly not swamp our Mayor with innumerable emails, calls, and questions on this issue.

-Many crucial details in potential opt-out policy not yet determined by Alliant.  WHAT COUNTS THE MOST IS HOW MANY PEOPLE SHOW UP FOR ALLIANT HEARING IN OCTOBER IN FAIRFIELD!  The date will be publicized.

– Alliant is motivated by their fulfilling our “customer satisfaction.” At the Public Hearing, please speak cordially, informatively, and succinctly. Please allow those people who are most knowledgeable on smart meters to speak first.

ACTION STEP #1: Tonight, please educate yourselves by taking home and studying the FLYERS on the table outside this main hall. Please also consider signing up on our VOLUNTEER SHEET.

ACTION STEP #2: Come to our PREPARATION MEETING at the Fairfield Public Library next TUESDAY, SEPT. 26, at 7:45 PM, to learn about research on smart meters and the intricate details of the type of opt-out program we want. Invite friends. We will prepare together for the upcoming Alliant hearing.


– You will see that wireless radiation in general and smart meters in particular are significant national and international issues. (People who never imagined problems with meters are sleeping in their cars to get away from their experiences of the negative effects.)

– You will find State Legislative bills from other states proposing statewide opt-outs for smart meters. Blog also contains archived articles and posts related to our 2013 Fairfield smart (water) meters opt-out granted by our City Council.

Monday June 25, 7 PM-Final Public Hearing on Water Meter Opt Out

MONDAY, JUNE 18, 7:00 PM, Opt Out Public Meeting at City Hall

Don’t Want the Wireless Water Meters or an Expensive Opt Out in Fairfield?

City Council Discusses Opt-out for Radio Read Water Meters

KRUU FM talks with City of Fairfield councilman Michael Halley following the public hearing on smart meters

Paint it Green – Letter to the editor, Fairfield Ledger

Radio-read water meters pose dangers – Letter to the editor

Letter to Fairfield Ledger: Do Radio Read Water Meters really save money?

Public Hearing for OPT OUT proposal: Monday June 11, 7:00pm


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