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If you’d like to receive email updates from the Coalition for Safe Meters in Fairfield, pleas send an email to FairfieldSafeMeters AT with subscribe in the subject line.

One thought on “Email Updates

  1. just sitting here on the fairfield square soaking up the free wifi … you people have no idea how much radio waves are in the air,,.forget about the water meter reader the earth is going to end on 12/21/2012 How about lets try this one instead Save the Earth ,Don”t give birth.. Did you know the unintended birth rate in Iowa and most of the country more in the urban areas is over 55% and it is said the the unintended birth rate in rural areas could be as high as 80% thats a lot of unintended cars on the road,,,,trash in the landfill ,,did you know a school bus gets 3 to 5 mpg…. the average person each will put around 200,000 lbs of trash in the land fill if they live to be 85,, did you know that in the year 1900 there was around one hundred million people in the US around 1967 the US had two hundred million people,,, and it seems like just a few years ago we passed three hundred million people here in the good old USA ,,so lets think up a new fun catch phrase like Don’t save the Earth for your kids,, save the Earth from your kids, ,I like that one, it would be a good bumper sticker Thats enough for now I would like to sit here on the FF square with well over 10 choices of wifi to choose from, typing more fun disturbing true fun facts but I feel the wifi starting to accumulate in my crouch as I type with the laptop on my lap Hey heres another good idea,, next Art walk lets pass a law that will make any one that broadcast wifi on or near the square MUST shut off the wifi during the ff art walk to keep us all safe ,,,did you know a child cost around $ 250,000 dollars to raise to age 18

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