Smart Meter Frequencies, Known to Disrupt Human Nervous System

It has long been known that Smart meters communicate by means of microwave frequencies. Recent progress in understanding the phenomenon reveals the important role of not only the high frequency ranges, but also in the range of additional frequencies which are transmitted in the lower 2 to 50 kilohertz range. “Numerous studies have shown repeatedly that those very same frequencies disrupt the human nervous system. Indeed, “nerve block” is the phrase used in the studies to describe what occurs.”

This video presents close up first hand measurement of the different frequencies in play on actual smat meters in operation:


Cyber experts speak out on SMART GRID technology: Massive vulnerability, who’s accountable?


Cyber experts speak out on SMART GRID technology: Massive vulnerability, who’s accountable?

Monday, August 06, 2012 by: NaturalNews

(NaturalNews) The following is a transcript from a selection section of the documentary film “Take Back Your Power” (

Narrator: Governments and power corporations around the globe, through an incessant drive to ‘modernize the power grid,’ have directly created a situation where our entire civilization’s energy source is now in danger of being taken down. With hundreds of smart grid projects all being installed simultaneously around the world, we’re seeing a globally orchestrated move to quietly merge the entire power grid with the vulnerabilities of the internet. While described by some as insane, it is at the very least Continue reading

Correction: Neptune Lawsuit in Honolulu, not Dallas TX

Our statement sent out by e-mail regarding Neptune water meter malfunction in Dallas, Texas, was in error. The lawsuit claiming 40,000 meters failing out of 54,000, actually occurred in Honolulu, Hawaii. We apologize for the error. 

HONOLULU — The Board of Water Supply is suing to get a company to honor its warranties on thousands of broken water meters.

BWS began installing the automated water meters nine years ago. The wireless technology was supposed to end time-consuming manual reading.

The lawsuit against Neptune Technology Group said that of 54,000 Neptune meters, 40,000 failed well short of the 10-year guaranty.

“With these Neptune meters in particular, about 70 percent of them have failed,” BWS spokeswoman Moani Wright Van Alst said.

Because Neptune is not standing behind its product, the Board of Water Supply is paying thousands in unexpected costs, the lawsuit said.

Neptune Technology did not respond to KITV’s repeated attempts at contacting the company.

CNN: Neptune Meters and billing overcharges in Atlanta

…That doesn’t convince residents like Wilda Cobb, who is astounded at a water bill that now totals $10,071.

Her bill spiked to more than $1,200 in November, then skyrocketed to $6,879 in December.
“I am furious, I am upset, I’m confused,” Cobb said. “I can’t get an answer from the city because they won’t admit there is a problem.”

A city official reviewed Cobb’s bills, and said the unusually high usage for the two months would normally mean there was some kind of leak, possibly with the irrigation system. The city installed a data logger meter that tracks usage during each day.

Her latest bill is down to just $34.

Ironically, Cobb knows something about water issues. She’s an attorney for the Environmental Protection Agency.

“As I person, I know something’s wrong here,” Cobb said. “As an attorney, what can I do about it? But, I don’t think it takes a law degree to say $7,000 for a month’s use of water by one person in a small home is just crazy without a leak.”

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