Calling Alliant to Opt Out__Why Analogs Are a Solution & Digitals Are Not

Calling Alliant to Opt Out, & Why Analogs Are A Solution & Digitals Are Not.

               (Even if you have already called Alliant, this applies to you.)


Exactly How to Call Alliant to Opt Out and Ask For An Analog Meter.Why Take The Above Suggested Action. 

Why Analogs Are A Solution and Digitals Are Not.What is “Dirty Electricity.”
Commonly Asked Questions About Opting Out and Their Answers.

In light of Mayor Malloy’s relaying the announcement from Alliant to call their customer service to opt out of a smart meter, you should understand that the (400) Certified Refusal Letters that you sent have great strength in stating your position,  may provide legal back up – if it comes to that, and will support your ability to keep your Analog Meter as we proceed in enforcing our human and Constitutional rights.

You should know that the head Alliant rep. for our region told many of us at the “Alliant Open House” in Fairfield on Nov. 16th that Alliant would respond directly to everyone individually who had sent in a Certified Refusal Letter. Now it seems that they have recently changed their mind. Alliant would of course prefer to ignore our written communications to them because the refusal letters are not in support of Alliant’s preferred options. But Alliant’s refuting their value verbally, does not remove their value in fact.

We would like to suggest that if you choose to make your opt out call to Alliant at this time, that you tell the Alliant customer representative to write the following on your account record with them: “I am only willing to opt out by having a permanent Analog meter. I would like to “go green” and not have my Analog replaced unless it has failed to function, and even if that happens, I am only willing to have my Analog replaced with another Analog. Please send me the paperwork to complete my opt-out.”

If the customer rep. tells you that your request for an Analog is not an option, then please ask them: “write into my customer file what I have said I am willing to do.”

Then ask the customer rep. to read your statement back to you – and if necessary you make any corrections with the customer rep. to your statement that they read back to you.

Please write down everything that transpires in that call and keep it in a file in case we need it in the future. (Include: Name of Alliant customer rep., Date of call, Time of call.)

If Alliant is either uncooperative or unkind, just ask them to put your statement in your customer file but to send you the paperwork for the least radiating option.

Probably they will say you can keep your Analog temporarily if it is not too old, or they may say you must be upgraded to a “non-radiating” Digital Meter. Just hold firm in your communication of what you want – permanent Analog meter, and have them send to you the paperwork of the best option they offer you.  When you receive it, we will have our Attorneys look at it and you can cross out and initial phrases that are not in alignment with your request, and you can write in and initial and sign onto their form that you will only be willing to keep your Analog, permanently, and you are not willing to recycle it before it breaks and you are only allowing any future replacements to be an Analog. Then you can send it in.

This way if you call in to Alliant at this time, Alliant will have feed back right away on the number of people that want to opt-out, we will be responding in a timely manner, and the type of opt out we want will not be later questioned.

We want to avoid later statements from Alliant along the lines of, “you may have wanted your Analog, but you called in to opt out under our program choices, and you filled out a form to receive a Digital, and we have your signature on that, it is now too late to change your mind……”

Why take the above suggested action?

We are not happy with the two options Alliant is offering; a smart meter or a digital meter.
We have a concern that the announcement by our dear Mayor Ed Malloy to call Alliant, may harm our plans to keep our safe Analog meters, and we want to avoid risking negating our own Certified Refusal Letters, (which holds Alliant liable for damages in five areas to our health and our homes and that we require only analogs,) by an action, (which by law speaks louder than words,) of signing up for an Alliant option that is an undesirable compromise from what we have already insisted upon in our Refusal Letters and placing a signature on that. It will appear to Alliant that you have changed your mind and are no longer demanding your Analog, because your current action of calling them to opt out (using their undesirable options,) is more recent than your Refusal Letter. Please let’s not “shoot ourselves in the foot…”

Remember we had advised if you were going to go to the Alliant Open House, to only pick up a contract and not sign it until our lawyers looked at it. There is no document for our lawyers to look at when you call in to Alliant to opt out, unless or until they send the follow up paperwork to your call, which we suspect they eventually will based on peoples’ experience in other parts of the U.S. with their Utility Companies.

If they send out paperwork, then we will use lawyers to confirm we are signing in writing what we want, and avoiding signing something that does not represent our wishes; just doing our due diligence and avoiding pitfalls.

Remember, this is Commerce. We are being offered options by a Utility Company that we can refuse if they are unacceptable. We have the right to communicate what we are OK with, (free speech). We are free to control the safety of our living environments at all times, it is the law. Please do not allow yourself to be bullied into something you do not want.

Please refer to Commonly Asked Questions and their Answers, at the bottom of this document.


Why Analogs Are A Solution, and Digitals Are Not – 

Analog being better than Smart Meters:

-For health -they do not pollute with 900 MHz EMF/(RF) transmissions.-For health – they have no dirty electricity, which ultimately is EMF pollution. -They don’t catch fire, or explode.

-They don’t contain monitoring capability.
-They don’t violate constitutional rights of privacy.-They can’t get hacked in to.-They are not upgradable to a Smart Meter.

Analog being better than Digital Meters:

-For health – they have no dirty electricity, which ultimately is EMF pollution.
 (and ALL Digitals create Dirty Electricity, see below.)

-They don’t catch fire, or explode.
– (Digitals CAN be upgraded to a Smart Meter and added to the Smart Meter              Network or Grid.)
-They do not increase your Utility Bill.


This is the single most important point – of why digitals are not a solution, but analogs are:

All digitals enter the electrical system and when the pure 60 Hz sine wave becomes chaotic it induces voltages and currents into the body, which have huge health damaging implications to DNA, blood cell health, overall well being, mental clarity. (For more info Google “specific health damages for dirty electricity.” Eg:
Dirty Electricity – Stealth Trigger of Disease Epidemics).
You want to keep your Analog forever, even if it is old. You want to keep your Analog Meter until it is broken, which can take 20-30 years or more, (that is the “green” low waste thing to do).

Note: The California Public Utilities Commission mandate for the 54,000 people who have opted out of smart meters is that they receive an analog meter only.  

———-Dirty Electricity With Regards To Utility Metering Devices 

What Is Dirty Electricity? 

The term, Dirty Electricity refers-to voltages and currents that are present on the utility power wiring that are other than, the intended utility power.

In the U.S. the utility power is at a frequency of 60 Hz (Hertz, i.e. cycles per second). In Europe the utility power is at a frequency of 50 Hz.

Dirty Electricity voltages and currents are typically frequencies that are higher than the power line frequencies.

While there is no official definition of Dirty Electricity, an analysis of the Dirty Electricity energy that is present on various power circuits (residential, commercial and industrial) will usually show that most of this Dirty Electricity energy is in the frequency range of:

5KHz (5,000 Hz) to 1 MHz (1,000,000 Hz).

It should be noted though, that Dirty Electricity can be any frequency, so 500 Hz, 2 Khz or other such very low frequencies that are other than the basic power line frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz) would be called Dirty Electricity.

1.3 Sources Of Dirty Electricity 

Dirty Electricity from switch mode power supplies that power various electronics that are connected to the A.C. (Alternating Current) line, including digital utility monitoring meters, often called “Digital Meters”, digital utility monitoring meters that transmit their metering information wirelessly to central collection points, often called “Smart Meters”, etc.

NOTE: Utility Meters 

In the area of new utility metering deployments (electrical power, gas, water) there are various names and terms used to refer-to these technologies.

Digital Meters 

“Digital Meter” often refers to a utility measuring meter (such as electrical power meter) that has a digital display on the front of it. This digital display is in contrast to the old style “analog meters” that have a series of dials that indicate the energy used.

Since the Digital Meter has electronics within it, it must have a power supply within it as well. Those power supplies are apparently of the “switching” variety. This is evidenced by tests of the power lines that are connected to these meters, where considerable Dirty Electricity has been found. Specifically, Dirty Electricity from the switching power supply.

Smart Meters 

“Smart Meters” can be thought of as Digital Meters with a two-way data radio included. So Smart Meters will place Dirty Electricity on the power lines as well as radiate EMF from the data radio.

Understand The Impact of Dirty Electricity In This Setting 

The Dirty Electricity is voltages and currents at high switching frequencies (example 20 kHz) that are riding on the wiring, throughout the facility. These voltages and currents radiate Electric fields and Magnetic fields into the living space and those fields induce voltages and currents into the human body.

You can consult with a Bau Biologist to understand the many physiology effects that are reported for individuals who are in an environment where there is appreciable Dirty Electricity.


Commonly asked Questions and their Answers:

Q:  What if Alliant says there will be no opt-outs keeping an Analog, can I still opt-out with an Analog?

A:  Yes, you have the right to tell Alliant you want to keep your Analog, and you want to continue using only Analog replacements if your meter is no longer functional, and to have them put that in writing.

Q:  What if I insist to Alliant on keeping an Analog. Since that is not one of their options right now, would they try to give me a smart meter instead? Am I running that risk?

A:  We don’t think so. It wouldn’t make sense because you have called in to Alliant and requested an “opt out” from a smart meter, (and added that you want an Analog only.)

Q:  What if I already have a Digital and want to go back to my Analog?

A:  You also have the right to tell Alliant you want to return to the Analog Meter, and that you will continue with that type of Meter from here on out.

Q:  What if I already called in to Alliant to opt out and did not ask for an Analog at that time, but now I want to?

A:  Just call back and follow the instructions stated in our letter above.

Q:  What if I did not sign a Refusal Letter yet?

A:  We will be announcing the times and locations we will again make those letters available to sign and send (soon.)

(California and Hawaii, as well as other states, have gotten opt outs including  permanently keeping their analogs.) We need to get big numbers of people to show Alliant and the Iowa Utilities Board, who will decide in the 1st quarter of 2018.

If you have not signed and sent in a Certified Refusal Letter, we encourage you to do so soon.

Q:  What if Alliant says that my Certified Refusal Letter has no value and they will not take it seriously?

A:  The Certified Refusal Letter has huge value in stating your position in a traceable, verifiable way that is now of record in three places. It could serve as evidence of your position in case there is confusion or you are given a Smart Meter by mistake, or if this situation moves in the direction of legal action.

Q:  What is the deadline to opt-out?

A:  We have not been told that a deadline has been set at this time, and Alliant customer representatives are confirming this.

(The head Alliant rep. for our region told many of us at the “Alliant open house” in Fairfield on Nov. 16th, that if we had sent a Certified Refusal Letter to Alliant, we will be contacted 2 to 3 months before the smart meter roll out begins – in 2019 in Fairfield, to complete any opt-out paperwork at that time.)
Q:  Will there be fees for me to opt-out?

A:  Possibly yes, even though we do not agree with their logic that they will incur new costs for opt-outs that justify charging fees. (What about their multi-million dollar cost to change their current set-up to buy, install and manage smart meters for their whole Iowa territory! That cost is passed on to ALL their rate-payers through a rate increase, INCLUDING YOU.) Alliant has floated a plan to charge those who opt-out. We have heard an estimate of $15 to $25 per month, and a one- time initial set-up fee of $125. We believe that the costs of hiring the staff to deploy, install, maintain and manage a Smart Meter Network in Fairfield will far exceed the $18 per hour cost to maintain each of the 2 Meter Readers that cover all of Fairfield and its outlying areas.





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