Calling Alliant to Opt Out__Why Analogs Are a Solution & Digitals Are Not

Calling Alliant to Opt Out, & Why Analogs Are A Solution & Digitals Are Not.

               (Even if you have already called Alliant, this applies to you.)


Exactly How to Call Alliant to Opt Out and Ask For An Analog Meter.Why Take The Above Suggested Action. 

Why Analogs Are A Solution and Digitals Are Not.What is “Dirty Electricity.”
Commonly Asked Questions About Opting Out and Their Answers.

In light of Mayor Malloy’s relaying the announcement from Alliant to call their customer service to opt out of a smart meter, you should understand that the (400) Certified Refusal Letters that you sent have great strength in stating your position,  may provide legal back up – if it comes to that, and will support your ability to keep your Analog Meter as we proceed in enforcing our human and Constitutional rights. Continue reading