How to Say No to Smart Meters

The “Opt-Out” contract is given serious scrutiny in this video. Johnny Day provides analysis of the legal issues involved. This video presents detailed info to to help you more effectively refuse and challenge harmful and illegal programs which attempt to force you to accept dangerous policies such as spying/transmitting utility meters. This video goes into detail regarding your legal options and also provides explanation for using the powerful free documents at which are designed to put the authority back in your hands.



2 thoughts on “How to Say No to Smart Meters

  1. Thanks for the meeting and information last night (Tuesday 09/26/2017) at the Fairfield Public Library. Would it be possible for Fairfield Safe Meters to offer testing devices for use by local people, for a small fee, and/or actually have a knowledgeable Fairfield Safe Meters person come to a home or business, determine whether they have a smart meter already in place, and test that meter for EMF, MW and other radiation? How about offering such a service for $10 or $20 or $25? It might help engage more people in the cause if inexpensive, expert testing were available.

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