London Distributed Energy Conference: Evidence that smart meters are not producing cost savings to justify the cost. New energy storage technologies are less costly, and more efficient with cost savings greater than smart meters, without replacing existing hard wired metering.

London (PRWEB UK) 20 April 2013

“Electric utilities have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on smart meters in an attempt to shave peak loads. Using demand charges and “time of use” meters, utilities have been trying to modify consumer behavior. Yet studies continue to reveal that even with proper consumer education about smart meter benefits, utilities have only cut peak loads by 6-8 percent using these meters. For peak shaving, distributed energy storage can be more effective because it does not require consumer involvement. Simply deploying battery storage within communities and at substations can achieve the same (or better) effect as changing consumer behavior, while giving utilities tighter resource control.” (Source: Whitepaper S&C Electric)

Utilities can leverage storage to shift load and generation patterns, making better use of grid assets, boosting grid reliability, and cutting carbon emissions — all without investing in changing consumers’ hard-wired habits. As battery technology costs continue falling, widespread deployment will become even more feasible. Against this backdrop, SMi’s 2nd annual Distributed Energy Storage conference takes an in-depth look at how Utilities are integrating DES with case studies provided on the results of recent groundbreaking pilot projects, how technology challenges and policy updates have been addressed and lessons learnt to take forward and assist with future development.


SMi’s 2nd annual Distributed Energy Storage conference, taking place on 17th and 18th June 2013 in London, features senior decision makers from an array of utilities at the forefront of developments in DES technology including SSE, EDF Energy, E.ON, Northern Powergrid, ESB, UK Power Networks and many more.

Expert Speakers include:
Alistair Steele, R&D Project Manager, Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution
Karima Boukir, Energy Management & Future Grids, EDF Energy
Dr Stewart Norman, Storage Programme Manager, E.ON New Build and Technology
Chris Thompson, Project Delivery Manager – Customer-Led Network Revolution Project, Northern Powergrid
Sally Fenton, Project Leader – Innovation Delivery, Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)
Denis O’Leary, Head of Smart Energy Technology, ESB
Keith Maclean, Policy and Research Director, Scottish and Southern Energy
Nick Heyward, Commercial Manager – Future Networks, UK Power Networks
Mo Cloonan, Head of Development, Community Energy Scotland
David Green, Founder/CEO, Eco Island Partnership CIC
Anthony Price, Director, The Electricity Storage Network


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