ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity Research Institute: New Low-EMF Housing Project in Colorado

14 OCTOBER 2012

New Low-EMF Housing Project in COlorado

The following information was sent by one of my EMF contacts. It sounds somewhat like an experiment, however, I am posting it in good faith – that this low EMF environment and research institute would genuinely aid persons with electromagnetic sensitivities.  Comments from my readers would be very welcome.

The ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity Research Institute is looking for researchers (engineers, biochemists, etc.), medical people, support personnel (accountant, architect, nurses, etc.), sensitives who would like to live in a low EMF environment, and investors. People with any interest in being involved with EMSRI should send an email to gjohnson3712@sbcglobal.net More info. on: http://www.emsri.org .

Following is a brief description of the Institute from its Website:

The concept of the ElectroMagnetic Sensitivity Research Institute (EMSRI) originated in early 2012. The sensitivity of Dr. Gary Johnson to cell phones and wireless became worse so he started searching for a place where the electric fields were relatively small. Several lots became available on foreclosure in Rockvale, Colorado, (located between Florence and Cañon City) and he was able to buy 59 acres. The land contains a box canyon (or gulch). The bottom of the gulch is shielded from electromagnetic waves from three sides by the topography. Development of the concept is proceeding on three fronts:

One front is to develop safe housing for a number of sensitives. There would be space in the gulch for perhaps 25 to 50 cabins. These could be operated off grid, probably on photovoltaic panels and lead acid batteries at 24 VDC. LED lighting, evaporative cooling, refrigerator, computer, and monitor would all operate on 24 VDC. Community rules would include NO wireless, and NO cell phones. A test facility consisting of an old camper, two 130W, 12 V PV panels, and four 6 V Trojan deep cycle batteries has been established in the gulch. Testing is proceeding on LED lighting, a 12 VDC Aleutia computer, a 12 VDC AOC monitor, and other devices. Permanent housing will be built in the gulch as money becomes available.

A second front will be the construction of an engineering research building. This would be on a lot at the entrance to the 59 acres, where utility power and city water are readily available. Test procedures and test equipment would be developed here to evaluate the electromagnetic fields radiated by electronic equipment. Methods to filter out the `dirty’ electricity would be studied. Shielding techniques would be evaluated. Test equipment already available includes a 8 by 8 by 10 feet double wall copper screen room.

A third front will be the construction of a medical research building, across the driveway from the engineering research building. There will be examination rooms where the sick can be evaluated by medical personnel. There will be space where biochemists can do basic research on the effects of electromagnetic fields on the human body, on down to the cellular level. Effects of nutrition and supplements will be studied in detail.

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