Fairfield City Water and Sewer Committee meeting: Fee overcharges and reasons fee should be eliminated

At the Fairfield City Water and Sewer Committee meeting, Tuesday July 31, there was discussion regarding the fee for the opt out, with special emphasis on extreme displeasure from citizens who found that the installation charges were double the expected fee, based on the inclusion of a second water department employee being present for the sake of witnessing the process, which is the simple connection and extension of copper wire from the meter to the touch plate for reading the meter.

The citizens felt it was mentioned many times over the course of the past two months, that the installation would be 75.00 for the hour, with 37.50 minimum for the first 1/2 hour. Further confusion is expressed, as to why it is 75.00 per hour for each employee, when their normal hourly wage is but a small fraction of that scale.

The council rejected all arguments and held firm on continuing the unpopular policy. Following are some reasons which have been advanced from citizens, as common sense grounds for immediate elimination of the opt out fee:

It would be most unreasonable to claim that the low number of signups for the opt out indicates that only a few citizens are “concerned”, in light of the signatures of 14% of the adult citizens of Fairfield signing the petition in a three week period, to remove wireless meters and drop the disincentive fee. 

Following are some reasons why the fee should be “revisited” (as suggested  by council members, during the council meetings for change of ordinance) and rescinded.

1. The council stated that the opt out fee would be revisited after some time.

2. 1051 signatures, on a petition to rid Fairfield of RF wireless and offer no fee opt out___ 14% of the adult population of Fairfield signed: This shows it is time to eliminate the opt out fee.

3. The evidence appears to indicate that the people are strongly discouraged from the opt out, because cost is too much, and they feel resentment and resistance because they feel the fee is not justifiable, and they do not want to pay what is seen as unfair.

4. The fee is not accepted, because it is perceived as blatantly unjust to charge the fee to people who were simply among the unfortunate to have the meters installed without their knowledge or consent. And they must now pay to avoid the harm of radiation recognized as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization, and numerous groups of scientists and physicians and regulatory agencies around the world. They cannot understand how the council can simply ignore this clear consensus of science that there is danger from constant daily exposure to this acknowledged health risk. The citizens expect that the public safety should be top priority, not some insignificant nuisance to be pushed aside.

5. Some 1300 Fairfield citizens are currently using the same touch pads as would be used after the opt out, yet only the opt out people would be forced to pay more. No argument for that makes any sense. It is seen as double talk behind a blatantly unfair, prejudicial, punitive fee assessment, simply copied from other cities in which the utility companies found that such a fee was an effective disincentive. A better example to follow would be to copy the ever increasing number of cities, and now even entire states which are banning the RF meters and eliminating any fees.

6. Citizens have reported strong negative effects from exposure to the RF meters. It is not acceptable to the citizens that his should be ignored or downplayed, or dismissed as “anecdotal”, or “just a few sensitive people”. The city council is on record, as printed on the front page of the Fairfield Ledger, stating in the beginning that even if one person got sick from the meters, all the meters would be pulled the next day. Yet when citizens reported clear health damaging effects from the meters, they have been ignored.

7. If the city is committed to finding a safe alternative which will not harm the health of citizens, then now is a good time to show good faith and earn the respect of the citizens, and drop the punitive fees, until a more intelligent solution is put into place.  

8. The citizens do not accept the argument that the choice of large corporate powers for a mega billion dollar technology can be mandated, to be forced on the people. The corporations of the power and meter industry do not have legislative power to deny the people’s constitutional rights to be free of radiation or unwanted potentially hazardous and invasive technologies in their home. Nor should the corporations have power to install high powered radiation towers throughout the community, as in the design envisioned by the smart grid agenda. Such towers have decades of credible scientific research demonstrating significant increases of cancer and other serious degradation of health for anyone in proximity to those towers. The Fairfield citizens do not want to be part of such a total control and disregard for their safety and well being and quality of life, if the smart water meters get a foothold now, threatening more severe health hazards in the future, from smart electric and gas meters.     

9. The monopoly privileges are granted to municipal entities to provide water for the people of their communities. The monopoly privilege comes with great responsibility to guarantee fairness and safety for the citizens the water department is sworn to serve. The citizens of Fairfield only expect respect and concern for their safety, without prejudice and punitive extraction of unfair fees.


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