Ed Malloy’s Response to Opt Out Fee Installation Charges Being Doubled

Ed Malloy response today to a Fairfield resident who is upset to receive a bill for $75 when 2 workers came to the house for only 16 minutes to remove the RF meter:

Dear ….

Our policy for the labor charge from the very beginning was a minimum $75.00 charge (or minimum half hour charge for two men at $75 per hour). Carl wanted to have two men involved with each change so it would get done as quickly as possible and to have someone witness the work done in light of all of the controversy surrounding the meters. This was mentioned at the public meetings and was made clear that there would be a minimum charge.

I know you have been patient and supportive and I’m sorry this disappoints you. We would be happy to spread the charge over 12 months. I hope this helps clear this up.

Best regards,


Editor: The above statement from the Mayor is contrary to the impression of most people that attended the public meetings, who do not recall ever being told the labor charge would be doubled due to TWO persons being involved.  It is also contradicted by the Councilman Daryn Hamilton who wrote the email below to the same Fairfield resident:

Dear ……….,

The difference would, and will, be the time shown on the work filed in the water office at city hall. If the work order shows that the meter change out took longer than 1/2 hour, then the $75 dollar charge applies. If the work order shows the change out took less than 1/2 hour then the $37.50 dollar charge applies. Either way there is no ‘clarity’ to you being charged $150 dollars per hour as you are implying.

I will obtain a hard copy of the final work order charge out and then I will be able to better assess your concern.

Daryn Hamilton


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