Fairfield Water Meter Opt Out: New proposals being considered

The Fairfield City Council Water & Sewer Utilities Committee

Will meet Monday, July 2, 2012 At 6:00 P.M. in the City Hall Council Chambers

Items to be discussed: Utility Connections, Review of Water Meter Options.

Various proposals (continue reading) have been discussed including meters:

   * connected by optic fibre through the Lisco network
   * which pulse RF only once per month as the “Sensus” brand water meters do in Vedic City.
   * connected via the telephone network
The Chairman of the Water Utility Committee has been asked and will not give a guarantee that Fairfield will keep the Sensus meters pulsing only once per month and not switch in the future to the Smart Grid mode that this Sensus meter is already capable of, which pulses many times per hour. Also, this Sensus 510M has 20 times more power (RF) than the Neptune radio-read meters that the Water Dept. has been installing. This model of the Sensus is more advanced and powerful than one commonly in use in Vedic City.
The Fairfield Coalition For Safe Utility Meters feels that the fiber optics through the LISCO network is the safest option.
The public are welcome to attend this meeting. This is an important meeting since the NEXT GENERATION of RF meters is being discussed for Fairfield.

2 thoughts on “Fairfield Water Meter Opt Out: New proposals being considered

  1. Water Utilities Committee Meeting –Monday, July 2, 2012
    Chairman: Daryn Hamilton, Susan Silvers, Tony Hammes
    Notes from Jennifer Diamond

    Daryn: “This committee will not consider health issues or RF radiation, only cost/budget issues.”

    29 people called Water Dept. and are on list that have RF “radio-read” water meters and requested opt-out removal of meters. NOW THOSE PEOPLE HAVE TO COME TO WATER DEPT. TO SIGN A FORM TO HAVE THEIR METERS REMOVED AND RECEIVE TOUCHPAD METER. Of those 29 people, 9 have filled out the forms.

    Kevin Flanagan, City Manager:” City will put announcement in Fairfield Ledger and run a radio announcement.”

    Carl Chandler, Water Dept. Manager;’ In people’s water bill they will find out if they have radio-read meter and will be informed of opt-out option and requirement to fill out form at water dept.”

    There are 4520 residences (homes and apartments) in Fairfield. (Not including businesses.

    1315?? Radio-read meters have been installed as of June 26.

    This 1315 does not include MUM. City does not know how many radio-read meters MUM has. MUM must let the water dept. know how many, and fill out the form to have radio-read meters removed and touchpads put in.

    Water Dept. budget is set on an annual basis and is according to how much water is used. 2011-2012 budget is $2,266,000.

    This meter can pulse only once per month when it is prompted to be read, or it can pulse many times per hour or per minute. When I asked Daryn if the city would give a written promise that it would be limited to pulsing only once per month for the future, he and other committee members said they would not do that. Susan Sillvers said that if the city wanted it to pulse more than once per month in the future, then it would become public at the city council meetings. MY OPINION; THIS IS VERY RISKY BECAUSE THEN WE WOULD HAVE TO ARGUE ABOUT THE RF RADIATION AND STRUGGLE WITH THE CITY ALL OVER AGAIN, WITH NO INDICATION AT THIS TIME THAT CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS EVEN CARE ABOUT THE RF.

    I asked: “Why would the city pay so much (approx. $1 million over 10+ years) for a “hot rod meter” that can do so much and then have it pulse only once per month. It is too tempting and too easy to upgrade the software on the meter to turn it into a full-blown smart grid with much more powerful RF bombardment.”
    Carl Chandler: Sensus meter can go over Neptune touchpad. In homes without touchpad, water dept. might have to run wire to exterior of house.
    Costs for Sensus meter system: $8600 for software training and 2 software compatible meter readers. $800 for 2 pocket meter readers. $1600 per year for maintainence contract. Approx. $225 per meter.

    On adding a new meter system, Daryn said that the water dept. doesn’t have the money to install something new over this next year. And it would have to be phased in.

    For cost analysis evaluations of any new meter system there is a premium on employees no longer having to go out to homes to read the meters. But it also depends how much it costs per end-user (home owner) to reach that goal.

    John Brown and Robert Palma:
    Lisco is already layed throughout Fairfield. For homes that already use Lisco, all that is needed is an ”Interface box” on the outside of the home with an ethernet cable to the Lisco ONT box. It is an easy, simple connection, (easier than installing the Neptune touchpad .) This Interface box is also cheaper than the cost of the Neptune meter. And it will require no manual meter reader. And the amount of the water data that will go over the Lisco fiber-optic cable is miniscule.
    (This Interface Box” can also hook-up to broadband as well as fiber.)

    Daryn: City would need Lisco to sign a franchise agreement.
    Daryn had many questions on costs. He will be speaking to Lisco.


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