Letter to the Fairfield Ledger: Council not responsive on meter fees

From the Fairfield Ledger, Thursday, June 28, 2012, Page 4

To the editor:

I was disappointed at the Fairfield City Council meeting on Monday night, June 25.  At the Council meeting, about a dozen people pleaded to eliminate opt-out fees to replace Neptune radio-read water meters.  Neptune radio-read meters, which are often right inside people’s homes, emit pulses of RF radiation every 14 seconds 24 hours a day.

Many people were concerned about  the health effects of these meters. There is a huge controversy nationally and internationally about RF (Smart) meters. Numerous leading scientists and medical organizations have warned against them.  At the council meeting, people were asking to be able to replace with no fee the RF emitting meters with less expensive touch-pad meters that do not radiate. The council kept the fee.

At the meeting, one woman reported that since the meter was installed in her home 2-3 years ago, she has been unable to sleep and has had such little energy her entire life has suffered.  She used to be very active, with no health problems. She had to give up dancing and horseback riding. She cannot work, can hardly get out of bed, and must conserve her energy to do anything.

She only discovered the RF meter in her home on Monday, the day of the meeting. When she called the Fairfield water department, she was told 8-10 people had reported the same symptoms from these meters.  Across the country, these symptoms as well as headaches, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations, and other problems are reported from RF meters.

Many other Fairfield residents could be suffering from these debilitating symptoms without knowing the cause. RF meters have been installed in one third of Fairfield homes without telling anyone the meters emit radiation. Why should anyone have to pay to replace a meter of questionable safety that was installed without informing them the meters radiate?

To replace RF meters, Fairfield residents are charged $75/hr installation plus $10/month added to all future water bills.  One man pointed out that since the replacement meter is $154 less expensive than the RF meter, the money saved should cover installation. Also, as employees can read 300 meters a day and are paid $27/hr, the cost of reading one meter seems only about $1, not $10.

Another lady said she had been using the opt-out touch-pad meter for years without paying any extra fees. Why should she or anyone else have to start paying extra fees for a touch-pad meter? Others said they can’t afford the fees. City officials did not present any detailed cost-analysis justifying the fees.

Connie Boyer and John Revolinski voted to eliminate opt-out fees. However, they were outvoted by all other council members. The fees remain.

The state of Vermont and at least 15 US cities and counties outside Vermont offer zero cost opt-out from RF meters. How can we get the Fairfield City Council to also eliminate opt-out fees?

This site has more info:  www.fairfieldsafemeters.com

Richard Wolfson, Fairfield


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