Monday June 25, 7 PM-Final Public Hearing on Water Meter Opt Out

To all residents of Fairfield:

  1. Please come to the City Hall, 7:00 pm Monday, June 25th for the 3rd and Final Public Hearing on the Radio Read Water Meter Opt Out amendment. Express your opinions to the Council and ask them any questions you have about anything in regards to the city’s past decisions or future plans as to whether they will continue installing the Neptune “radio-read” water meters.    We need someone to videotape the hearing: if you can help please email
  2. The opt out fees now proposed are: $75 per hour labor charge (1/2 hour minimum) to remove the radio-read meter and install touchpad meter, plus $10 per month fee.
  3. Voice your opinion: join the public discussion at:  Please post your thoughts about this or any other post there.
  4. Read the updates and sign the petition online at:  and ALSO the paper petition being circulated by volunteers in the community and at the Thymely Solutions Store. More volunteers are needed for this…if you can help please email
  5. If you want your Neptune E-Coder removed, please call the Water Dept and have your named added to the list.
  6. If you’re a renter in Fairfield, this also applies to you!
  7. LANDLORDS ATTENTION: The City Council will decide at this meeting on the opt out fees which will impact your utility costs. Please attend this meeting to voice your opinion.

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