MONDAY, JUNE 18, 7:00 PM, Opt Out Public Meeting at City Hall

THIS MONDAY, JUNE 18, 7:00 PM, the Environmental and Franchise Utilities Committee, (Chairman: Michael Halley), will be holding a special public meeting in the City Council chambers at City Hall. The Environmental Committee will focus specifically on the opt-out fees for removing the Neptune radio-read meter for homeowners who already have this meter, AND what the opt-out fees will be for those homeowners who don’t have the Neptune radio-read meter now but will choose to opt-out in the future.THIS MONDAY NIGHT MEETING WILL BE THE BEST OPPORTUNITY, (AND MAY BE THE LAST CHANCE FOR NOW,) TO HAVE A REAL GIVE AND TAKE DISCUSSION WITH THE COMMITTEE THAT IS IN CHARGE OF MAKING A RECOMMENDATION TO THE FULL CITY COUNCIL ON JUNE 25, WHETHER TO LOWER TO A SPECIFIC AMOUNT OR ELIMINATE ALTOGETHER THE OPT-OUT FEES. At this meeting, if the Environmental Committee itself reaches a new consensus on the dollar amount for the opt-out fees, they will vote on it and then make a recommendation/amendment to the full City Council on June 25 to change the currently proposed fees.

The currently proposed fees for homeowners who either already have the Neptune radio-read meter or those who will choose to opt-out in the future are: $100 to install a new non-wireless (touchpad) meter, plus $75 per hour for the Water Dept. to do the labor to put in the non-wireless meter, plus $10 per month for a Water Dept. employee to physically read the meter.

We will advocate for this with facts and numbers at the Monday night Environmental Committee meeting.

The greater the number of concerned citizens who come to the meeting and express their reasoned position, the more effective we will all be.
See you there!

The legality of charging a fee to opt out of wireless meters is being challenged in many places. In Vermont the State has passed a law making it illegal for utility companies to charge opt out fees. And in Maine the issue is presently being considered in a case before the Maine Supreme Court.


3 thoughts on “MONDAY, JUNE 18, 7:00 PM, Opt Out Public Meeting at City Hall

  1. ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Satyam 108
    Date: Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 8:58 AM
    Subject: by way of an apology to K.S., C.K., and J.B., a proposed amendment to the water meter ordinance

    Dear K.S., C.K., J.B. and all the others,
    When I first heard complaints that the Neptune e-Coder meters were making you sick, I couldn’t believe it – and still can’t from an engineering standpoint, but while writing an e-mail the other night, I had a bit of an epiphany on this. K.S. you were quoted in the Ledger from the Monday night June 11th City Hall meeting, that when you moved toward the RF water meter, you actually felt sick. I realized that you do indeed, and it is a wonderful affirmation of Maharishi, “Abraham” technology, Napoleon Hill/Wallace Wattles (Think and Grow Rich, etc.) and the power of the mind over the body – sanyuma even – but maybe in the other direction.

    MMY: “. . .as we think now, that is what we will get.”

    As I wrote previously in some e-mails that some of you may have received, if you believe the meters can make or are making you sick – then they can and they do! By all means get rid of them, as soon as possible – more on that in a moment. My concern, next to the big crack in coherence in collective consciousness that this needless fear and bickering are creating in our community, is that there is some other epidemiological source for your illness or discomfort, and by “assigning” (blaming) it to (on) the RF meters, the true cause is hidden. I have mostly finished a blog about why I feel that Brian Horsfield and Richard Wolfson and others are wrong about the safety of the meters, and have needlessly and irresponsibly created these fears and beliefs – and hope to finish it today and come to the meeting tonight – but dunno, I’ve been up all night working on it, I’m more than a little ashamed to admit.

    On the first (home) page of the blog there are statements from Dr. Hagelin and Vaidya Mishra. This was at the suggestion of Robert Palma – that an expert in Physics and one in medicine/biology/health – Ayurveda – were needed to properly assess the safety of the meters. The link to the first page is below, but please consider the following proposal before you go rushing off to find fault with what I’ve spent many hours on. In e-mail discussions, primarily with Michael Halley, but also Carl Chandler and Mayor Malloy, it has come up and I want to propose this Amendment to the water meter ordinance for your consideration before tonight’s meeting (which I pray will be peaceful and productive):

    Basically it is this:

    If someone who has a touchpad meter now wants to keep that technology and not get the wireless meter, then they can do so. (The meters have to be changed out under DNR mandate – and the ordinance that REQUIRES everyone to have a wireless (radio read) meter when they are replaced, has been on the City books since ’91?!?!)
    Upon doing so, the City will give them credit for the difference of the new touchpad meter deducted from the cost of an e-Coder. ~$140 or so. This can be applied to their bill and would cover the $10/month surcharge for well over a year. (I haven’t got to it in my blog yet, but I feel the $10 surcharge is warranted for a number of reasons.)
    No charge for installation, unless the homeowner wants to move the touchpad location, or similar situations.
    The difference in water meter costs, could, also, be donated to a fund to help people who are financially strapped (like me – but I’ve already got an RF meter) and who HAVE an RF meter and want to opt out.
    If someone is in this last category – has an RF meter but now wants to go back to touchpad – they should also get a rebate for returning the RF meter in good order – (like new – the antenna hasn’t been abused or broken, etc.) – price of the rebate to be determined by Carl Chandler and City Manager. Maybe it will be a wash, and then that person can apply to the “fund” of donated monies for help with the $10 monthly surcharge and maybe with installation charges if there are any remaining.
    Because of the very many if not infinite number of permutations and combinations of options in the opt out process, it’s impossible to write an Amended ordinance that will pass muster with the City Attorney and address everyone’s individual situations and needs, so a “one size fits most” approach is probably the best we can do as a community.

    As I have written in my blog – it is my expert opinion (and please read The 4 AM Wall page of my blog for a “brief” bio that explains my experience and qualifications) – it is my expert and considered opinion – primarily because of the nearly virtual “on” time of the r900i RF meters and that they are “dead as a boot” as they say in Wyoming, for MOST of the time – 99.95% – that the meters are harmless – probably THE most benign piece of equipment in our burgeoning RF world – and there is, therefore, no need for anyone to Opt Out. But please read my blog, and think and consider for yourself, what course of action or inaction you will take.

    Liberty, Peace, Prosperity and Love
    Jim Morrow

    सत्यं एव जायते
    Satyam Eva Jayate!
    Truth Alone Triumphs!

  2. So what about the pulsing every 14 seconds? You say something different here so now I don’t know which is true. Is there new information that you did not know at the time of writing your comment? Just trying to get confirmation. I tend to be a bit skeptical of regulatory agencies, etc in safeguarding the health and well-being of the citizens. The EPA swore that the air quality in NY after 9/11 was safe, when in fact, it was not and people like myself who worked in environmental testing knew that it was not possible that the air-borne contaminants were not at extremely unsafe levels. It was later determined that the EPA was untruthful in their proclamations of safety. So it seems there may be some inaccuracies in the statements that these meters only emit RF just a few seconds a day. Can you please verify with clear facts? Thanks.

    • Hi TJ,
      I think everyone is in agreement that the Neptune RF meters send out a pulse every 14 seconds, 24 hours per day. What Wolfson, Horsfield, et al have failed to disclose in their flyer and presentations is that the pulse is only 7 milliseconds long. On this page of the blog I wrote:
      there is a graphic which shows this very small Duty Cycle.

      If we “do the math” it works out that the TOTAL transmitting time is less than 44 seconds in 24 hours. The transmitter is only on 5/100ths of 1 % and off 99.95% of the time. So 99.95% of the time it is as dormant as the touchpad meters, so opting out only “buys” one 5/100ths of 1% more off time, and requires trucks to roll, burning gas and causing pollution.
      Jim – NOT a fan of the EPA, btw.

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