Misinformation regarding the Neptune meter pulsing “once per month”

From: Ed Malloy

To: Kathryn,  

Cc: Craig Pearson, Bill Goldstein, Michael Halley 

Sent: Sunday, April 29, 2012 10:06 PM

Subject: Re: American Association of Environmental Medicine Document on Wireless and Smart Meters released today


 The WiFi City water meters are only emitting a singnal when the meter reading person sends a signal to read the meter. When the signal is sent, it “wakes up” the meter and sends back a reading in a matter of seconds. When the information is received, the meter goes “back to sleep”, so the meter is actively emitting a signal for less than one minute per month.

We will be pursuing alternatives to WiFi electric meters with Alliant Energy when and if they install them in Fairfield. I am aware of the hard wire option and hope we can work with LISCO when the time comes. I realize that Alliant is planning to resume their wireless meter installation in Iowa in 2013. Our Environmental and Franchise Committee of the City Council will take the issue up this year and begin a dialouge with Aliant.

Thanks you for passing along the most recent studies.

Best regards,


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