Paint it Green – Letter to the Editor, Fairfield Ledger

To The Editor,
There will be a “final reading” of the proposed ‘radio-read water meter’ (“Smart Meter”) installations program, at the Monday, June 25, City Council Meeting, 7PM at City Hall.  While the extensive public concern expressed by almost 70 people present at the June 11th Council Meeting may have been a disappointment to our good Mayor, Administrator and Council Members, the issues raised are not likely to go away quietly.  Although the “FAIRFIELD GO GREEN” initiatives and the federal monies promised in exchange for implementing them are quite attractive, the cost to our health may not be worth the cash saved in this case.  It might be convenient to minimize objections to the new meters and to ridicule those who raise them, but the bottom line is that there is significant, science-based cause for health concerns – especially for young children and pregnant mothers.  This is an issue which the Council needs to take very seriously, and which will not just go away if we “Paint It Green”.
Ce Moore
Fairfield, Iowa 52556

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