Popular water meter manufacturer being sued

By Robert Barron, Staff Writer, The Enid News and Eagle, Enid, OK 

September 8, 2009

Neptune Co., a popular manufacturer of water meters, is being sued by Board of Water Supply of Honolulu.

Board members allege 40,000 of 54,000 meters failed prior to the 10-year guaranty. They also allege the company does not stand behind them.

Enid Public Services Director Jim McClain said the city is not using Neptune Meters; however, they were considered — but not purchased — in the last water meter bids.

The Honolulu Board of Water Supply began installing Neptune Meters nine years ago, according to a story by KITV television in Honolulu. The board is suing Neptune Technology Group for what it said is the unexpected costs to replace the meters and the time crews are spending to manually read the automatic meters.

The problem with the meters seems to involve the cover being cracked and water seeping in, which prevents the meters from transmitting.

More at enidnews.com

One thought on “Popular water meter manufacturer being sued

  1. check the brass alloy being used in these meters. Neptune began using a lead free bismuth containing alloy about 10 years ago. Bismuth expands as it cools causing serious tension in the matrix of the metal. Why would plastic covers that have been used for years suddenly have issues. Check the meter body and especially the connection joints for hairline cracks. Installers have been cautioned to gently tighten connecting points!!!!!!!!!! This is worth investigating.

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