Correction: Neptune Lawsuit in Honolulu, not Dallas TX

Our statement sent out by e-mail regarding Neptune water meter malfunction in Dallas, Texas, was in error. The lawsuit claiming 40,000 meters failing out of 54,000, actually occurred in Honolulu, Hawaii. We apologize for the error. 

HONOLULU — The Board of Water Supply is suing to get a company to honor its warranties on thousands of broken water meters.

BWS began installing the automated water meters nine years ago. The wireless technology was supposed to end time-consuming manual reading.

The lawsuit against Neptune Technology Group said that of 54,000 Neptune meters, 40,000 failed well short of the 10-year guaranty.

“With these Neptune meters in particular, about 70 percent of them have failed,” BWS spokeswoman Moani Wright Van Alst said.

Because Neptune is not standing behind its product, the Board of Water Supply is paying thousands in unexpected costs, the lawsuit said.

Neptune Technology did not respond to KITV’s repeated attempts at contacting the company.


One thought on “Correction: Neptune Lawsuit in Honolulu, not Dallas TX

  1. I read seen this news story and read the original complaints The T 50 meters or the software they use to read the meters are doubling the consumption. Yes making us pay for water we are not even consuming. Municipalities do not want you to know this because not only will they have to replace the water meters ( which Neptune apparently is not standing behind) They will also loose a lot of revenue that these meters wrongfully bring in. Once again another cash cow for the rich to milk the poor with.

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