Sioux City Iowa has had wired (non-RF) water meters since 2003

Since 2003 the Sioux City Water Department has installed new meters and automated reading equipment that will help increase our efficiency while providing more convenience to our customers. The City bills utility services monthly to help customers budget and keep better track of their water usage.

The Automatic Meter Reading System (AMR) we now use minimizes the inconvenience of physically reading water meters as well as estimated bills. The AMR system uses an electronic device connected to each meter to automatically “call” into our office each month and record meter reading data in our computer. We can also use this system to obtain additional meter readings as needed, in situations such as when a customer moves.

The AMR system uses advanced electronic technology that will not interfere with your telephone service. A non-voice data signal, sent over telephone lines, automatically transmits the meter reading data.

There is no charge for installation…

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